Community building requires community healing. And what does that look like?

"Staying ‘home’ and not venturing out from our own group comes from woundedness, and stagnates our growth. To bridge means loosening our borders, not closing off to others….To bridge is to attempt community, and for that we must risk being open to personal, political, and spiritual intimacy, to risk being wounded."- Gloria Anzaldua

"Quedarse en la casa'' y no aventurarse fuera de nuestro propio grupo viene donde estamos heridos y proviene nuestro crecimiento. Para hacer puentes signifa que abriemos mas de nuestras fronteras y que no cierremos a otros… Para hacer puentes es intentar comunidad, y para eso tenemos que corre el riesgo de ser abierto a personal, político y espiritual intimidad, a correr el riesgo de ser heridos. "
Gloria Anzaldua

Everybody is waiting for the movement to happen ! And we dont realize we are the movement. Its me and you coming together and having some honest and maybe painful truthtelling between us. But there is probably some beautiful thing we will create together as a result. I want to speak to each person in my community.Let's get the party going.

Todo el mundo está esperando a que el movimiento a ocurrir! Y nosotros no darse cuenta de que somos el movimiento. Comienza la communidad cuando usted y yo tienemos algunos conversaciones doloroso pero verdarosos . Pero es probable que algunos bellos cosas que es probablemente vamos a crear juntos . Quiero hablar con cada person en mi communidad.Vamos a comienzar esta fiesta !

Monday, July 13, 2009

EVY AND HEALING Part 2 (Part1 see June 16, 2009 )

Again I am in Monterrey। I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting my update. I traveled back here to visit Dr. Garcia last week and again, my mind was blown away. A little under a month ago, I'd walked into his practice with my cane and walked out twirling it like a baton... OK, I've been told I exaggerate. I didn't lean on it as much... it wasn't twirling :) I walked out very cautiously but definitely WITHOUT pain.
You know, it is so easy as Westerners to disregard anything that we cannot readily prove or explain. It is no wonder that I waited as long as I did before deciding to take my health into my own hands. I've saved myself and my precious body from undergoing major surgery.Anyway, my appointment was short and to the point. Dr. Garcia said he loved the way I was healing and that I looked wonderful. He preformed his routine as he'd done 26 days prior. The only difference was that I had no basis for comparison. I've been pain free since and I have to stress OFF OF NARCOTICS. I have never felt better.
Doc mentioned that my metabolism had started to kick it up a notch and that I should see even more improvement as my body and liver react to their new state. Don't ask how he knew my liver was doing well. That is what he said and I believed him. I am hooked. I will be back here in August and as many times as he asks me to come back.
During my visit I asked that he treat both of my children for allergies. We'll see how they fare once sniffle season hits. Diego loved the "massage". He said he felt just as relaxed as he does when I massage him for bed. Mia couldn't stop talking about her visit the entire ride back to my parent's house. The doctor looked at her and asked if she was constipated (poor baby). Once he placed his hand on her belly, he asked if she had eaten a hotdog or a hamburger. Mia had become vegetarian about 7 or 8 weeks prior and decided to take a break while in Monterrey and eat meat. She had eaten both! I guess you can debate that the doctor saw a couple of "gringo" kids and assumed they ate hotdogs and hamburgers. Again, go ahead and debate... I'm sold!

Dr. Garcia is an orthopedic doctor. He used to preform surgeries in Houston back in the States. He did that for a long time and thought his track record sucked. He was causing bodies more harm than good. He reevaluated his career path and turned to his mother land for guidance. He is of Chinese decent so he traveled to China for 5 years and has combined techniques that have produced results like the ones I have experienced. He claims to be the only one in America ( American, the continents not the U.S. of A. ) to practice this method.I'll be traveling home in a day or two.
I'm homesick, my heart aches, and I'd love to sleep in my bed. I'm exhausted.
P.S.I would like to apologize for omitting names from my last e-mail. I was excited and failed to publicly recognize those that were essential in my physical care and sanity in the days and months after I left the hospital.
If you are reading this e-mail, I deem you important and I appreciate you. My dear friends Raf, Suza, Luna, Blanca, Lois, and Ana... junto a mis padres, Cyn, y familia-- GRACIAS.