Community building requires community healing. And what does that look like?

"Staying ‘home’ and not venturing out from our own group comes from woundedness, and stagnates our growth. To bridge means loosening our borders, not closing off to others….To bridge is to attempt community, and for that we must risk being open to personal, political, and spiritual intimacy, to risk being wounded."- Gloria Anzaldua

"Quedarse en la casa'' y no aventurarse fuera de nuestro propio grupo viene donde estamos heridos y proviene nuestro crecimiento. Para hacer puentes signifa que abriemos mas de nuestras fronteras y que no cierremos a otros… Para hacer puentes es intentar comunidad, y para eso tenemos que corre el riesgo de ser abierto a personal, político y espiritual intimidad, a correr el riesgo de ser heridos. "
Gloria Anzaldua

Everybody is waiting for the movement to happen ! And we dont realize we are the movement. Its me and you coming together and having some honest and maybe painful truthtelling between us. But there is probably some beautiful thing we will create together as a result. I want to speak to each person in my community.Let's get the party going.

Todo el mundo está esperando a que el movimiento a ocurrir! Y nosotros no darse cuenta de que somos el movimiento. Comienza la communidad cuando usted y yo tienemos algunos conversaciones doloroso pero verdarosos . Pero es probable que algunos bellos cosas que es probablemente vamos a crear juntos . Quiero hablar con cada person en mi communidad.Vamos a comienzar esta fiesta !

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Evy and Healing

The following is from my friend, Evelyn Escamilla de Chicago via Tejas via Monterrey Mexico.I have been following Evy and talking to her for a few months about her back pain. When I was last in Tejas, we couldnt hook up for me to do some bodywork on her. I kept saying her problem was emotional and not to get the surgery. Her insurance didnt want to pay for it and I had told her a few months ago , there probably was a good reason why she hadnt gotten approved. Now after you read this, we all know why...
When I talked to her today, she was still processing everything.
I love going to Mexico and meeting traditional healers like Don Pedro, who does spine adjustments in the plaza de San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco or Enriqueta Contreras, the partera de Oaxaca.
This is the kind of story that gives all of us hope and faith in something sacred that we all have lost and hope to find again.And this is hard to do in an industrial world.
Thanks Evy for being so open about your experience.

I writing from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, México. I have been here since Tuesday. I usually don't like to travel South in the Summer months because of the hellish heat one suffers from while visiting but this time, our trip had a purpose other that visiting family.
As many of you know, I've suffered terribly from a ruptured disc since April 21, 2008. I have put my body and pocket book through the ringer. I tried chiropractic to relieve my pain. I did acupuncture daily for the longest time to help as well. Heat therapy, Cold therapy, massage, spine decompression & inversion ( which helps by the way ), four nerve blocks in my spine, hundreds of ibuprofen, hydrocodone, and other nasty narcotics that have ruined my digestive system. I have tried prayer... yes... I know some of you are in shock.
I am a very spiritual woman. I do not practice any religion but believe in a power not easily defined.I reached the conclusion last August that I would like to undergo disc replacement surgery as offered by my medical team headed by my orthopedic surgeon. Disc replacement and fusion of my vertebrae were the two options. I was initially denied by my insurance company. I underwent the grueling, painstaking process of practicing patience for nine months while we appealed their decision three times.
The final decision came in May where Blue Cross Blue Shield denied for the last time stating that due to my age and the length of time disc replacement surgery had been around for, it was too risky. It was unsure how my body would react to the new disc and that there would be a possibility of further surgeries down the line. Arghhhhh! Mother Fu&*ers!So for almost 14 months, I have relied on my parents, on Cynthia, and my amazing girlfriends (you know who you are). It has been a humbling experience. I have learned to let go and let the pieces fall where they may. It has been difficult. I am a control freak and you all know that. I have learned to appreciate... truly appreciate the tiniest things. I have incredible children who I have learned are compassionate. They are appreciative, helpful, and generous. I am so very fortunate.Anyway, back to my trip.
I came to Monterrey because my youngest sister had mentioned a doctor/healer man a friend of her was seeing. My sister, her husband, and my mom have also visited Dr. Gabriel Garcia for various ailments. I heard all kinds of incredible stories of his healing power so I decided to come see him. I am very practical and the strictest of skeptics so my decision to see the shaman was due to my desperation. I decided to visit blindly. I did not research him nor his credentials online.I visited La Esperanza Friday morning. We walked into a waiting room. It was all pretty formal. We paid our fee and got a number, 8. There must have been 30 parties waiting. I watched as people paraded in and back out of the consultation rooms. There were two. Every person that walked out had an amazing smile on her/his face. It seemed that the visits were very short. Under 5 minutes.
My number was called and my mom went in with me. She wanted to make sure that the doctor knew that she had "finally" brought me in to see him. He asked what was wrong. I told him I had ruptured a disc over a year ago. He asked me to stand and said "don't you dare let anyone operate on your back, you will not be fine". He began to rub my head, stroking. It was not a massage, he was barely touching my hair. He was speaking very softly as if reassuring himself almost in prayer that I was fine and that everything was going to be fine. He moved his hands to my neck and stopped. He said, "I see your problem between L4 and L5". My eyes had been closed up until this point. I was in shock. Not even my mom knew the details of the location of my disc rupture. She could not have mentioned it to him before. I was speechless.
He asked me to rest on the stretcher face down. I did. My mom was watching the entire time. He began to tell me how I was fine and how he was fixing my disc. He was passing his hands over my back on each side of my spine up and down. He touched every vertebrae softly. I could feel his touch. I could feel his energy run through my back. There was a point where I stopped feeling tense and let go. As he continued, he came to the point of my ruptured disc. Mind you that neither my chiropractor, massage therapist, nor orthopedic surgeon had been able to place their hands on that spot with out me screaming in pain. He touched the area. I assume it was barely, it must have been his energy because I felt no pressure at all. He counted 1,2, 3 and tapped it very very lightly. I felt that.
The entire time he worked on my back, my mom said that he became increasingly agitated. He broke out in a sweat. Mom had visited him various times before and taken other family members. She had never seen him like that.
Anyway, as he said 3, I felt something. It was very hard to describe. I felt a difference. I felt pain free. He ordered me to get up. I could not. I was in shock. I could not believe I even remembered what it was like to feel painless. I broke down and cried. It took me a whole minute to get up. I still could not believe I did not feel pain. Even my meds had not put me in that state.I got up crying. In complete awe. I shook his hand and he said I could hug him. I did.
He asked why I had not come sooner. I told him I could not make the drive once I decided to see him. He said that it was no excuse, that he had been waiting for me. He said he would've sent a chauffeur to get me. I walked out.
Mia and Diego were anxious to know if he had "fixed" me. It told them that I felt very comfortable. I was not sure what he had done but I thought that it had helped tremendously. They were ecstatic. I felt so much peace my friends. I can't describe the state I was in. I think it was peace.
I wasn't sure I could drive home. I was taking inventory of my feelings. Once we did make it home, I must have slept for two hours. I don't usually nap unless it is a med nap :) I felt so good. I had a wonderful day on Friday. I went to bed in this hellish heat complaining about nothing more than that... the heat. My back was fine.I woke up a little achey. My aches went away by noon. It has been over 24 hours and I feel fine. I feel great. I walked out of there without my cane and am walking around cane free.
I am heading home in the next couple of days. I need to get back here to Monterrey in the next week or so for a follow visit with the doctor.
If you have read this far, thank you. I thought it was important to share with you how amazingly well I feel right now. I love you and send you some of this great energy.


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